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In the department of Product Development


In the department of Product Development, we distinguish three different phases corresponding to the three main sections: New Concept Development (NCD), New Product Development (NPD) and Sustaining.  
NCD is the first phase starting from design concept to engineered prototype. In NCD, we believe in the strength of what we call integrated design. Here, technique and design, function and form must seamlessly come together in new iconic and archetypical products. This somewhat holistic approach requires high-level technical and conceptual creativity.  
In NPD, it’s all about translating the approved and engineered prototype into a feasible and consumer-friendly product that is fit for mass production. Here, engineering teams at HQ Amsterdam work in close collaboration with technical teams at our own production plant in China, to get product and processes ready for manufacturing.   
In Sustaining, we keep a close eye on the quality and continuous improvements of in-market products, dealing with changes in consumer needs and international regulations. In doing so, we assure ourselves and our consumers that our products meet and exceed the highest quality standards.  
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