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Bugaboo by Bas 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Stroller Released


This spring, the Dutch iconic stroller brand Bugaboo teamed up with the famous Dutch artist Bass Kests to bring unexpected and bold new designs to young parents. The new Bugaboo By Bas collection is part of Bugaboo's 20th anniversary and is a tribute to the unique friendship between the artist and Bugaboo.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Bugaboo's journey to design a stroller and launch the world's first integrated stroller. After the revolutionary design style shocked the entire stroller market, the first collaboration between Bugaboo and Bas Kosters in 2005 made Bugaboo the first brand to bring a stroller out of the flat and onto the t-stage. This year, Bugaboo once again joined hands with Bas Kosters to commemorate the creative design continuation of fashion and art with this special limited edition.




Bugaboo by Bas Collection

Inspired by the theme of “links”, the new limited edition collection features a fun and colorful design to showcase the true Bass Costes style. The distinctive design is inspired by the fusion of things, friends and family, and is a unique link between Bas and Bugaboo. There are a variety of friends holding hands on the limited edition, and the pattern of dancing in a circle is the most eye-catching design of this hood. The limited edition hood is suitable for Bugaboo Fox, and consumers can choose a silver frame or a black frame.

“I think connectivity is very important, and that's what I really pursue at work,” says artist Bass Costes.


The origin of the journey of innovation

Bugaboo's first collaboration with Bath Costes was in 2005, when Bugaboo gave the young artist complete creative freedom, allowing him to create a stroller as a blank canvas, creating a distinctive and refreshing design. s work. This is not only Bugaboo but also the first attempt in the stroller industry. The combination of innovative ideas laid the foundation for this unique and bold collaboration series and this groundbreaking collaboration. Since the first attempt to cross-border cooperation, Bugaboo has been working with the elites of the arts and fashion industry, including Missoni, Viktor & Rolf and Andy Warhol Vision. Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

For the baby parents to constantly bring a new way to show their individual style. Express our love of art and creativity through a specially designed children's stroller.



“It’s all about innovation and creativity – and the pursuit of unexpected design creation. We believe that having children does not mean you have to compromise in style.” – Madeleine Claessens, Chief Marketing Officer, Bugaboo

At the same time, the special fate between Bugaboo and Bath Costes lasted for many years. In 2011, Bugaboo and Bath Costes once again collaborated to launch a single-piece African doll series stroller. In 2015 (just 10 years after the first cooperation between the two parties), Bugaboo and Bath Costes collaborated on an anniversary series, a 3×3 limited-sized stroller designed for the T-stage. Fast forward to this year, Bugaboo and Bath Costes once again teamed up to launch a bold new limited edition stroller that will once again prove the perfect combination of art and design.

The Bugaboo by Bas series of strollers will be available in China starting May 15.

About Bugaboo

Bugaboo is a Dutch company that specializes in designing products that make life easier for parents. In 1999, Bugaboo launched the innovative design of the iconic stroller known in the stroller market. For over 20 years, Bugaboo strollers have been popular with parents around the world and have been one of the well-known stroller brands. From newborns to toddlers, children of all ages have a wonderful adventure in the Bugaboo stroller. In 2019, it will be the 20th anniversary of the Bugaboo tour, marking Bugaboo's innovative and innovative design for 20 years.

About Bas Kosters

Bas Kosters has a master's degree in fashion design at the ArtEZ Art Institute (2003) in the Netherlands and has opened a thrilling journey in the fashion world. However, just look at his bright, eye-catching work and you will find that his influence is far beyond the scope of clothing.

Although Bas Kosters is only like a charming alien, he only turns around the fashion industry, but he completely accepts the closeness of fashion itself, which makes his works easy to enter people's hearts and play his unique charm. It's not that Bas Kosters says that he wants to give orders, but the unique way of expressing fashion is to let people express themselves. This is the multifaceted nature of the artist Bath Costos. Bas Kosters' work is inseparable from who he is; this is his "communication power." No plan, no marketing, no conceit; some are his artistic enthusiasm and real contact with the world.

Bas Kosters's solo exhibition "I want it to be soft" at the Arnhem Museum in 2016 pays tribute to the true self as well as the creativity. Iconic is an abusive word, but it does apply to Bas's work, including current fashion and fashion design, graphics and illustrations, equipment installations and performing arts, punk-style publishing and participation in protests, business creative collaboration, and All the artists who wished to design all the works under the “freedom to play” that he cherished.

Bugaboo by Bas designer collaboration series is available in limited quantities.

Bugaboo Tmall flagship store debuts on May 20th,

offline from June Starting from the 1st, it is only available at selected stores.

For information on the store you are selling, please call 400-6153-516.